Engineered Bonding Solutions, LLC

ACRALOCK by Engineered Bonding Solutions, LLC, are advanced two component methacrylate structural adhesives, designed to bond chemically to most surfaces, providing a permanently locked or integrated assembly of steel, aluminum, engineered plastics, high performance composites and other materials.
ACRAMAXX series adhesives are formulated for Superior Primerless metal bonding to most metals including Galvanized steel.
Engineered Bonding Solutions, LLC is ISO 9001 certified

Transportation - Bus, Truck & Rail

Grills | Bumpers
Aerofoil | Cab assembly
Kick plates panel side strips
Wall corner joints
Roof to wall panels
Glove boxes | Console
Door panels | Door skins
Rail skins | Pin potting
Metal Hinges | Brackets
Bus - Frame | Skins | Brackets

Marine Applications

Deck to hull
Hatch doors
Radar arches 
Swimming platforms
Interior liners
Interior trims 
Interior fittings

Industrial Applications

FRP 2 part Tanks | Baffles
Pipes | Ducts | Control boxes
FRP Cooling Towers
Building Fascia's
Composites Bridges | Walkways
Composite Utility Poles
Communication Towers
Wind Power Blades
Communication Buildings
Amusement Parks 
Pultrusions | Platforms


Engineered Bonding Solutions, LLC comprises well over 50 years of combined experience in the composites and structural adhesives market.

Engineered Bonding Solutions, LLC is committed to continuous improvement of our products and business systems in alignment with the ISO 9001:2015 International Standard.

The entire team at EBS sets our goals to:

  • Strive for "first time right" and consistency in our Manufacturing and Customer· Service processes.
  • Meet or exceed customer expectations through innovative and timely responses to customer needs and requirements.
  • Continuously improve our business systems and processes through data collection and analysis to minimize defects, returns, and cycle times, and to increase customer satisfaciion.
  • Continuously improve our products by evaluating customer needs, market trends, and new technologies.

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CAMX is an all-encompassing event. Regardless of the application — transportation, aerospace, marine, wind energy, software, construction and infrastructure, medical, academics, sports and leisure — CAMX is the must-attend event for products, solutions, networking, and advanced industry thinking.

March 3-6, 2020 | Indianapolis, IN

The must-attend event for the work truck industry. North America's largest work truck event is your once-a-year chance to see all of the newest industry products.

New Product Releases:

FIBER TACK MT-1 - Highly compatible for Polyester and Epoxy resin systems, non-hap Spray Tack Adhesive specifically designed For Holding dry reinforcements used in the following resin processes: Infusion, RTM, LRTM, VARTM, SCRIMP, and other closed molded applications. Available in aerosol 12oz cans, 5 gallon or 55 gallon drums.

See TDS for more information about application and use!

SA1-500A - New 1:1 structural adhesive for demanding thin or thick bond gap applications, excellent stability, little to no exothermic boiling in large applications, excellent thin film curing, paintable with gelcoats, formulated to bond most metals without primer. Unique a single base adhesive with choice of 4 activators to provide working times from 10 minutes up to 100 minutes or longer if needed, reducing the need for multiple sets of products like competitors!

See TDS for more information about application and use!